Emily Elliott was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia. There she attended Columbus State University where she received her Bachelors in Fine Art in 2011, she then relocated to Tampa, Florida where she received her Master's in Fine Art at the University of South Florida in 2014. Upon graduating, she moved to Brooklyn New York to continue her education by working as studio assistant and fabricator. During this time she fell in love with the multi layered process of mold making, techniques which she applied as a professional mold maker later in Long Island City as well as in her own art practice. She has since relocated to Saint Louis, MO, following her passion for making art and teaching sculpture and three-dimensional design. Using casting materials and techniques as metaphors for society and the individual, her work poses questions about the seen and the unseen and the nature of viewing bodies. Elliott’s evocative works blur the designations of the body and mind, while implicating the figure as both victim and perpetrator. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Saint Louis, Columbus, Tampa, and Miami.